Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Balik Time !!

Today is the day !! Finally I'm going back to Muar  (yeah, like x pernah balik satu sem je kan) with 2 of my coursemates; Wan & Zati. Sebenarnya with so many things going on in my life lately, everytime nak balik rumah is like the precious moment because I have my angel at home a.k.a my mum!

 Actually, I've been doubting whether I should go back home or not as I have communication disorder with someone at home. Yeah, my dad. I love him, for sure but the recent incident in my life has caused quite a chaos in our relationship. I'm nervous but nasi dah jadi bubur lambuk panas-panas (sorry,merapu pulak), so nothing that I can do to reverse the situation. 

Masa saya sedang menulis entry ni, sahabat yang sayang, Grandpa Naim sudah pun selamat tiba di negeri kelahirannya, Terengganu. I'm so jealous. Tu la gatal sangat nak jadi student baik, beli lagi tiket without tanya lecturer pasal kelas. Semalam saya stay up sebab takut oversleep (Wan pun cakap the same thing tapi not sure whether dia ada tidur or not). Lagipun, tiket pukul 10pagi (sah-sah muka bangun lambat), nahas kalau kene tinggal dengan bas. Dah la bas Mayang Sari ni punctual & I had an experience almost left by the bus. 

Whatever it is, just wish I won't end up arguing with my dad. I already have enough problems waiting to be solved. Please, I'm not bashing my dad. He's the one who raised me but sometimes, family feud is unstoppable.


  1. haha !~ anis, still got space for my name to be jotted down ! thanks ! I am now rejuvenating my body system after did not taking a good rest and now I am eating like starving ! haha..btw, take care of yourself okay !

  2. haha~
    sorry for the late reply .
    like I'm so RAJIN to check my blog .
    you are a special friend to me .
    a very nice friend .
    thanks for being nice to me & give useful advices .